The American Society of Marine Artists is a non-profit, 501c 3 organization comprised of more than 500 member, established in 1978.  The objective of the Society is to recognize, encourage and promote marine art and maritime history; to encourage cooperation and free interchange among artists, students, instructors, craftsmen, publishers, collectors and others with interests related to marine art and the history of marine art; to provide a registry for artists, hold exhibitions and promote the study and improvement of marine art. ASMA is dedicated to fulfilling an informational and educational role.

Artist applicants must first be elected as a Signature Member for a period of at least one year in order to be eligible for consideration as a Fellow in the Society.  All Signature Members dues for 2017 must be paid in advance of applying for Fellowship status.  No refunds will be issued for portfolio review fees.

Signature Members must submit 20 images for consideration that best represent their current body of work.  Please submit 20 jpeg images that are no more than 10 MB per image.   We recommend uploading images that are approximately 5 x 7" at 300 dpi.    Please title your image files with your last name, followed by first name, followed by the appropriate image #.  Example:  Jones_Bob_ Image1.  

All Sculptors must submit 2 views for each artwork.  Every location shown for uploading images will accomodate submitting two images.  **Only sculptors should submit two views for each work.

Please include detailed biographical Information where applicable, including accolades, awards, gallery representation, and additional art group affiliations. Additional materials and questions can be emailed to Len Mizerek at: 

All portfolios must be submitted by September 25, 2017 - no exceptions.

All Signature members submitting for Fellowship consideration acknowledge the following letter and requirements of becoming a Fellow:

August 14, 2017

Dear Fellowship Candidate,

The Fellowship oversees all artistic affairs of the American Society of Marine Artists.  Each artist should respect and enhance the goals of the Society and the artistic standards of excellence that the Fellowship epresents. 

With the honor of Fellowship, comes an obligation to your peers and the ASMA. 

Each new Fellow is asked to actively engage in Fellowship activities, such as the annual jury session held in the spring of each year.  This meeting is typically held in Mystic, CT and is one of the most important duties that the Fellowship performs. 

We currently use a dual method for the selection process, which allows jurying to be completed online or in person.  There is no formal requirement to attend the portfolio review in person each year, but it should be noted that all Fellows give personal input to the discussions, which enriches the experience for everyone.  It is a significant part of what keeps the Fellowship and Society working and operating smoothly.   

Additionally, each Fellow may be called upon to submit an article regarding their personal artistic techniques that wll be published in the ASMA  News and Journal.

Members submitting for Fellowship should do so with the understanding that if elected, he or she will be expected to learn the working mechanics of the Fellowship, with anticipation of serving one term on the Fellow Management Committee.  By submitting this portfolio, you have read and understand there are expectations.  If you have any questions before applying, please contact Len Mizerek by E-mail at:  or by telephone at (212) 777-3344.   Should you reconsider having your portfolio reviewed; all fees will be refunded to you if requested prior to 9/25/17.

Sincerest wishes,

Fellow Management Committee/ ASMA